Synthesis - Bridge the Gap

Empowering Short-Term Rental Companies with Clarity & Confidence

The Challenge

The Short-Term Rental Industry is not for the faint of heart. It is a 24/7, 365 day, full immersion commitment. It is full of some of the hardest working, best intentioned, grit filled, visionary entrepreneurs in the world; in an industry that will change as much in six months as some do in 20 years.

Dynamic to say the least, this industry requires the traditional managers to make choices, move forward with half the necessary information, stay on the cutting edge and be ever evolving. There are countless technology and service solutions flooding the market everyday and no manager can stay on top of them all.

Our purpose is to empower Short-Term Rental Managers to have clarity and confidence in their financial process.

Service Paths

One-time Projects

On-Going Services & Support



New software? New business? Want a head-start? Get started on the right foot with our help.




Feeling behind? Need help getting caught-up or organized? That’s our specialty, let us get you on track.



Know where you stand and where you are going with expert help analyzing your numbers.



Operational strategy & team training to ensure your business is as efficient & profitable as possible.


What to Expect…

1. Service Consultation

FREE 30 min, two-way interview session where we begin to establish your priority business needs & financial position, and determine if a partnership is a good fit. 


2. Proposal & Engagement

 Each customized proposal agreement will provide clear onboarding & ongoing services completely customized to your businesses needs & resources.

3. On-Boarding

This phase lasts between 1-3 months and will produce the long-term strategy for your trust management, complete with process creation, mapping, and optimization.

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The Solutions You Want…

    • Trust Account Reconciliation
    • Expense Posting
    • Trust Account Payables Processing
    • Deposit Batching
    • Owner & Manager Statement/ Disbursement Processing
    • Sales & Lodging Tax Coordination
    • End of Month COA report for your CPA
    • Reservation Accuracy Audits/ Adjustments
    • Software Set-Up/ Process Mapping
    • 1099 Processing
    • End of Year Income/Expense Statements

The Help You Need!

What Sets Us Apart & Why You’ll Love Us!

  • Industry Knowledge
  • 1 on 1 Service
  • Authenticity & Transparency
  • Humility
  • Relentless Pursuit of YOUR Solutions
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Our Clients

Your business is uniquely yours, and  each client has individual problems & solutions. We at Synthesis are exceptionally good at adapting to our clients’ needs and resources offering engaged clients the help they need to simplify & succeed without losing their unique selling points.

“Cori is simply a MACHINE.”

Cori is simply a MACHINE. Her ability to identify a problem and come up with the best solution to said problem at breakneck speed is amazing to watch. She knows the vacation rental industry better than many who have three times the longevity in it. She’s an operational rock star with a very broad scope of capabilities. She is unconventional and that’s her superpower. If you get the opportunity to work with her jump at it!

Steve Trover

CEO, Better Talent

“Experience & Talent”

In a world where we are operating remote, Cori’s experience and talent in operations, operating remotely, has been huge for our team. She has created efficiencies in ops, accounting, and accountability. She is one of the most valuable members of our operations and yet she has never been here, simply amazing.

Travis Wilburn

Founder, Blue Cedar Partners