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Kwame Boler

Co-Founder/CEO, Spritz

Whenever I think of Cori Lee, only one word comes to mind — incredible.

Highly revered and well recommended, I’ve enjoyed working with Cori Lee for the past few months after she was strongly referred to me by another advisor/consultant. Since working with her, she’s more than exceeded every expectation and has risen to every challenge thrown at her. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, prompt, efficient, and embodies perseverance — she walks through walls and always finds a way to make it happen, never making any excuses. Her passion for improving the vacation rental industry is perforating.

Suppose you’re extended the opportunity to work with her in any capacity. In that case, I strongly recommend that you don’t walk but run at the chance.  

Cheryl Lantz

Founder/Owner, CDA Property Pros/Vacation Rentals Authority

“Cori has the unique ability to see both the big picture and details. She is excited, and thrives, when looking at people and situations from a variety of perspectives. Her ability to negotiate and handle escalations in a manner that nearly always ends in a win-win is second to none I have seen.

Additionally, Cori is an exceptionally fast (and self-directed) learner, highly efficient, and can piece together complex situations and data from square one. Primarily this has been demonstrated through single-handedly implementing a number of new software platforms and modules for our various businesses.”

Andy Newman

Founder, Newman Hospitality

“We have worked with Cori for close to two years and formalized the consultant relationship about 8 months ago. She has been invaluable to all the members in our team in a very wide range of roles. From helping network in the industry to solving software, trust accounting and 1099 reporting issues, we feel Cori’s wealth of knowledge about the industry, best practices, top vendors have all made it one of our best and most efficient investments. She is always accessible and our need for technical support at LiveRez has diminished since we can usually get quicker and better answers from directly from Cori.”

Paula Walter-Williams

Office Manager, Certified Security & Sound

“Cori Lee helped keep my 1 bedroom 1 bath condo rented during tough times, at a much higher rental rate than I could myself, for many years. Cori was always available, proactive, and ready to tackle any issue that came up (frozen pipes, a skipped tenant, lease renewals, etc.). I counted on Cori to keep my rental filled and she and the fine folks at Vacation Rental Authority/Action Property Management did so with very few unrented days, which was crucial to me. I would highly recommend Cori to anyone needing personalized service of any kind — she’s hard working and dedicated in everything she does.”

Jim Lunde

Database Developer, American Decisions Group

“Cori flat out gets stuff done! She is the hardest working person I know. Her focus while multi-tasking is amazing. She is a wealth of knowledge, especially in the Property Management field, but her understanding of all business processes and operations, no matter the industry, are quite impressive. I would recommend Cori no matter what business consulting needs you have because I have seen her in action, and it was quite extraordinary. She is a straight shooter and tells it like it is. If you want to do it right, look no further!”

Robert Lantz

CFO, Vacation Rental Authority

“Cori has been instrumental in setting up many of our processes and systems. She is always ready for the challenge that new software systems bring and has proven capable of designing a workable approach specific to each individual project. Cori is enthusiastic about her work and inspires those around her with her confidence toward solutions for some of our businesses most difficult challenges.”

Sarah Karakaian

Rental Manager, Nestrs & Thanks for Visiting

“I don’t have enough positive words to use to describe Cori’s talents and professionalism. She is a wizard with spreadsheets, numbers, strategy, and know-how. However, it’s her communication with us and dedication to helping our small business that sets her far apart from anyone else we’ve ever used. She works fast, efficiently, and she has patience for days. We are beyond lucky to have Cori as a consultant. I challenge anyone to find a more qualified professional.”

Phillis Robinson

Realtor, Lakeshore Realty

I’m telling you, Cori is the ONE! If you have a vacation rental problem, Cori is a miracle worker. Our company had ongoing back office problems, which drew out over weeks and months. Once Cori got on board, we were up and rocking in a matter of days. She is the ultimate in problem solving. I cannot recommend her more!

Jim Franklin

President, Coeur d'Alene Cleaning Services, LLC

“Cori has the energy, talent and wisdom to help any business owner or vacation rental owner develop a solid business plan. I highly recommend working with Cori on any business venture.”

Logan Humphrey

Founder/CEO, Cohobnb

“Cori Lee is exactly as her title says: a Vacation Rental Savant. She has helped us in such a short time tremendously. From executive coaching to identifying overspend, to management training for our senior managers. She is definitely a fantastic addition to any vacation rental team.”

Marissa Shambkin

Implementation Specialist, Breezeway

“Cori is amazing in everything she does. She is innovative, approachable, and creative. She loves a challenge and I have seen her over come the impossible! I highly recommend Cori to anyone and everyone!”

Greg Stiles

Instructor, Spokane Falls Comunity College

“If you are seeking a knowledgeable and competent vacation rental consultant… Cori is an excellent resource!

Danielle Johnson

Owner/Operator, Manzanita Beach Getaways

“Cori was great to work with and helped us put quite a few processes in place. In 3 short days, she was able to stream line quite a few things for us. Our company was growing substantially and she helped guide us. Cori is very efficient, easy to work with and has her clients best interest at heart. She listened to our struggles, and concerns and helped turn them into things we could manage! Thank you Cori!

Brian Riggs


“Cori is a tremendous professional as she possesses great drive while being able to present and relate to others. Cori’s positive attitude and generous spirit make working with her a joy.

CoyAnne Marneris

Reservations Sales Manager, Castle Hot Springs

Cori is an amazing professional that you can count on to get things done in the most efficient and effective manner. Cori is a leader amongst her peers and has a tenacity not seen in many. She will work tirelessly to ensure stakeholder expectations are exceeded. I would recommend Cori for any project and and would feel honored to work with her.

Richard Newman

Operations Manager, Newman Hospitality

“I am so happy I met Cori, she has pushed our company to new heights. Great people skills, incredibly timely with great follow through. Her work ethic is very strong and is an expert in the vacation rental industry. I love having the opportunity to work with such a professional and kind individual.

Steve Trover

CEO, Better Talent

“Cori is simply a MACHINE.”

“Her ability to identify a problem and come up with the best solution to said problem at breakneck speed is amazing to watch. She knows the vacation rental industry better than many who have three times the longevity in it. She’s an operational rock star with a very broad scope of capabilities. She is unconventional and that’s her superpower. If you get the opportunity to work with her jump at it!”

Tina Upson

CEO, Medical Network Solutions

“I was able to see Cori in action on the job and was impressed with her passion and drive to learn and deliver whatever was needed. Often times people who have the level of understanding on a topic or a process are unable to learn and embrace change. NOT Cori, bring it on was the attitude she brings to the table each time.”

Sandi Lyerla

Vice President Business Support Manager, Bank of America

“Cori demonstrates leadership skills important in the service and support industry. You can see her passion in everything she does. Ownership of issues without excuses. Sense of urgency when appropriate. Always a can do attitude. She is very responsive and accommodating. Cori has been a successful part of the management of our property for several years.

Travis Wilburn

Founder, Blue Cedar Partners

“Experience & Talent”

“In a world where we are operating remote, Cori’s experience and talent in operations, operating remotely, has been huge for our team. She has created efficiencies in ops, accounting, and accountability. She is one of the most valuable members of our operations and yet she has never been here, simply amazing.”