The Mission


Empowering Short-Term Rental Managers to have Clarity & Confidence in their financial Accuracy & Processes.

What Sets Us Apart & Why You’ll Love Us

Relentless Pursuit of YOUR Solutions

We do not believe in problems, only questions that are yet to be answered. We will relentlessly pursue finding solutions to your unique needs. We believe that systems should be built to support you, not that you should be forced to fit the solution. 

Industry Knowledge

We understand the operational considerations that go into your business and have operated at all levels of the Short Term Rental Industry to create solutions that are not only sustainable but take all of the company into consideration.


We will not promise something we cannot deliver and if we don’t know how to do something we will inform you. However, we have an unprecedented success record of finding the solutions to new challenges.

1 on 1 Service

We work with every client individually to better understand your unique needs to offer personal and effective solutions. We will coach you through each step of the services that are to be provided, relay realistic timelines, and the most efficient methods of meeting your needs.

Authenticity & Transparency

We pride ourselves on being transparent and trustworthy. Sometimes this process reveals hard truths and requires challenging conversations. At Synthesis we are always upfront and authentic in our relationships. We will not shy away from the difficult stuff, we know this industry is hard and we are here to partner with you in the solution. You can be authentic with us and trust that we have seen it all and are committed to the bigger picture and long-term solutions.


The Short Term Rental Industry is not for the faint of heart. It is a 24/7, 365 day, full immersion commitment that on the best days have you planning for the days that will run you to the brink. It is full of some of the hardest working, best-intentioned, grit-filled, visionary entrepreneurs in the world; in an industry that will be as different six months from today as if ten years had passed.

Dynamic to say the least, this industry requires the traditional managers to make choices, move forward with half the necessary information, stay on the cutting edge and be ever-evolving. There are countless technology and service solutions flooding the market every day and no manager can stay on top of them all.

When it comes to the end of month and trust accounting, often, managers are operating in good faith and conscious but are at the same time continually stressed about the true state of their affairs having a loose, if any, confidence in their overall trust health. With an “I will get to it” plan, we meet many managers that are long past that and need help getting it all sorted out.

These same companies will sometimes reach out to traditional financial professionals for help. Some are told that they need to get “their numbers in order” prior to them being able to help while other managers are provided P&Ls and balance sheets that offer an overall financial picture but still shed little light on the reality of their situation as they are only as reliable as the aggregated data they are created with. Data, that in turn the manager is required to vet and provide.

 At Synthesis we work with you to meet you where you are, Offering completely customized solutions. We learn the way that you currently operate and help create the solutions to gaining a complete and clear understanding of your company financials.

Our goal is to empower Short Term Rental Managers to have clarity and confidence in their financial accuracy and process.

Core Values

Right Thing

Do the most right thing for all involved


Empower those who seek empowerment


Self Awareness & Self Acknowledgment


Directed Focus


Tactful Authenticity & Transparency

Our Team

Cori Lee

Cori Lee

CEO- Founder

Keisha Stewart

Keshia Stewart

Account Administrator

Image of Heidi Cooke

Heidi Cooke

Account Administrator

Debbie Mott

Account Administrator

Nancy Harris Head Shot

Nancy Harris

Operations Manager

I’m telling you, Cori is the ONE! If you have a vacation rental problem, Cori is a miracle worker. Our company had ongoing back office problems, which drew out over weeks and months. Once Cori got on board, we were up and rocking in a matter of days. She is the ultimate in problem solving. I cannot recommend her more!

Phillis Robinson

Relator, Lakeshore Realty

I am so happy I met Cori, she has pushed our company to new heights. Great people skills, incredibly timely with great follow through. Her work ethic is very strong and is an expert in the vacation rental industry. I love having the opportunity to work with such a professional and kind individual.

Richard Newman

Operations Manager, Newman Hospitality